The way of the cicak

So, which shoe is the top-of-the-line, Neutral shoe from Brooks?

Let’s take a closer look at the cicak’s shoes.

And compare it with a shoe model that we can see on the shelves.

Yes, it’s the GLYCERIN 8!

The Glycerin 8 comes in four colours. The model shown here is one of the more popular colours. It is black/silver on the top, with a striking yellow sole. The Brooks logo is in striking yellow. It goes well for people who do not like their shoes to look dirty. That is just the “cosmetics” side.

As for the technology involved, the Glycerin 8 is the only shoe from Brooks’ Neutral range that has DNA technology. It is incorporated at the back and front of the midsole. That alone makes it stand out from among the rest. It gives you the most comfortable feel because of its superior cushioning, combined with DNA technology. If you have stiff feet, and if you are looking for a soft yet durable ride…

The Glycerin 8 is your answer.

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