It’s here, it’s here!

I’d like to announce, with rabbit-y excitement, that…


Yes, that’s right. Now you can hop, hop, hop to your nearest Brooks outlet and ask for the latest Brooks DNA shoes!

Here’s an idea. Why not turn up at your Chinese New Year reunion dinner in spanking new Brooks shoes? You know it won’t look clean anymore after your first romp with it in the park. Get a new pair now, and “break” into it when you “lou sang” with your relatives!

The new Brooks DNA shoes come in colours that can make your mouth water. I’m really glad that Brooks has taken up their designs by a notch. As much as Brooks is a technical shoe, its colours and designs are what makes it attractive to any consumer.

This time, the colours are really mengancam! Even non-runners will think it’s cool. Be careful where you park your shoes when you go for your reunion dinner, though. You won’t want the family dog to play fetch. The colours are so striking, even the dog can see!

If you’re still eligible to collect ang pows, now you have a holiday goal. Try to increase your haul this year by being extra nice to all your relatives and friends. When you hit your sixth or seventh 50-dollar note, you can start hopping to your favourite Brooks outlet.

Hop… hop… hop…

Please don’t do it at night though. It’s Chinese New Year lah. Not yet hungry ghost festival 🙂

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