Non-newtonian fluid

Wanna see something really cool?

That’s quite something, isn’t it? Those guys were having fun with non-newtonian fluid. You can actually do it yourself at home. All you need is water, corn starch and a really big tub.

A non-newtonian fluid is special stuff. It has both the qualities of a solid and a liquid. If you strike it fast, it will react like a solid. If you strike it slow, it will behave like a liquid.

When you run over a pool filled with non-newtonian fluid, your feet are applying force to the surface quickly. In physics, it means applying a high impulse on it. Impulse is measured as the change of momentum over time, (mv – mu)/t. Therefore, the non-newtonian fluid reacts as a solid. It pushes you back up like a spring.

When you stand on it, or walk slowly on it, you will sink like on quicksand. This is because you are putting force on it really slow (low impulse). Therefore, it acts like a liquid.

Can you imagine what happens when we apply the qualities of non-newtonian fluid, into running shoes?

This is what we call Brooks DNA technology.

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