Running life, with Brooks

Here’s a good video about running through life.

Running has a different meaning in different stages of a person’s life.

When you are a toddler, running will bring pride and joy to your parents. When you are a kid, running is very useful to get away from bullies. When you are a teenager, running will get you a scholarship into college.

When you are a young adult, running becomes your best avenue to discover your maximum human potential. When you are a working adult, running becomes a healthy form of exercise. When you have a family with kids, running becomes a form of escapism.

When you are retired, running becomes a past time. When you are old and grey, running becomes a miracle of sorts that will inspire many.

To quote somebody:

“Be students of your running. If you can find meaning in it, chances are, you will also find meaning in another absurd past time. Life.”

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