Run with the Ghost

For those of you with a normal foot arch, here’s a Brooks shoe that you may want to know more about. From the neutral category. For our tech talk of the week, let’s take a look at… the Ghost!

This is Ghost 2, last year’s model:

Ghost 2, last year's model.

And this is Ghost 3, this year’s model:

Ghost 3, this year's model.

I’m going to put both of them together, and show you how the Ghost has evolved. I’ll try to give you a comparative analysis.

Left, old Ghost. Right, new Ghost.

The clearest feature that has evolved is the rearfoot area:

Ghost 3, rearfoot area.

Notice the region circled with yellow? That’s a new feature to improve shock absorption at every heel strike. Compare it to the old Ghost:

Ghost 2, rearfoot area.

See? It’s not as pronounced as the newer generation.

The same goes for the forefoot area. This is the new Ghost:

Ghost 3, forefoot area.

See those “bumps” added into it? That is to help with the cushioning if you supinate a little.

Compare this with the old Ghost:

Ghost 2, forefoot area.

The “bumps” are non-existent.

Now, let’s move on to the soul of the shoe – the sole!

Ghost 3, DRB Accel

See that region circled with yellow? It’s what we call DRB Accel technology. In layman’s terms, it’s something to help support the normal curves at the middle of your foot. The tech term for it is “medial support”. DRB reduces the force that your normal medial curves have to bear, each time your foot pounds the road.

Compare the DRB technology of the new Ghost with the old Ghost:

Ghost 2, DRB Accel

I’m sure it’s clear to see, how the newer generation have improved from its older predecessor.

Here’s another piece of info that will please the environmentally conscious:

Look for the tiny green spot, inside the "O" of Mogo.

The green spot in the “O” of Mogo means the midsole of this shoe is made with an additive. It biodegrades 50 times faster than other regular midsoles. Here’s about doing your bit to save the environment.

Another cool piece of info. Check out what is written on the insoles:

Don't run like a ghost. Run WITH the Ghost!

Besides its killer cool colour, sleek design and upgraded features, here is another reason why Ghost 3 is a winner:

All the improvements built into the Ghost 3 has made it almost equal, tech-wise with the Glycerin 8. And the best part? The price of the Ghost 3 has not increased! It is technologically more competent now, but still at the same price as its predecessor!

Therefore, it’s highly understandable why Ghost 3 was the top selling Brooks shoe in the US last month.

Grab yours today at the nearest Brooks outlet!

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