Cari Runners Merdeka Run

During the recent Merdeka Day, Brooks Malaysia paid a visit to the Cari Runners event.

The General Manager, Cheah, was present with us at Padang Merbuk.

Cheah, explaining Brooks technology to a runner.

Also present with us was Manson. He operates from his outlet at Sunway Pyramid.

Manson, first from right.

Manson is an expert shoe consultant. He is aptly able to fit you to the correct shoe with smooth precision.

Manson in action.

Buying the correct shoe is the most important investment for every runner. Getting the wrong shoe for your foot is worse than not buying any shoe at all. If you consult him, Manson is very reliable to prevent that from happening.

Patience is key, when finding your correct shoe.

Brooks Malaysia is a partner with Team Miracle Mile. Find out more about the Miracle Milers at

Medal winners, first and third from right.

At Brooks Malaysia, we believe in creating awareness about shoe technology. With the right knowledge, running will be an enjoyable experience for everyone. As the saying goes, “Run happy!”

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